Welcome to the OG Otter Organization

OG Otter Organization is a collection of Otter NFTs—unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. Fully hand drawn by our female lead artist. Your OG Otter is your membership to the organization. It grants you exclusive members-only benefits within the community.

The Collection

Check out some of our amazing artwork.


Follow along with our project and check out our future goals.

Genesis Launch

Release the otters. Each otter grants you exclusive member only benefits within the community.

Most Wanted List: Bounty Hunt

Early community members will receive a Most Wanted List NFT which can be traded in for Eth prizes and NFT rewards. Spot a minted Otter with matching facial features on the Most Wanted List? Report them to claim a special edition NFT bounty and Ethereum reward as payment.

2 Charity Donations

We will be donating a portion of the proceeds to two different non profit organizations after we sell out. Our first charity will be focused on Otter conservation efforts, and our second charity will be voted on by the community of new Official OG Otter owners.

Special Surprise Otter Releases

Special Surprise releases where OG Otter Holders will get priority. If you're a fan of Anime, Superheroes or Movie Characters you're going to love the future Otter cosplay releases

Exclusive Merch Release

We will be releasing exclusive merch to our otter owners.

Gen 2

Who doesn't want more cute little companions? First generation Otter HODL'ers will have priority access. Stay tuned for Gen 2! 

Meet The Team

Meet our diverse team of OG Otters, led by our female artist and community manager.


Team Lead / Artist


Lead Developer


Project Manager / Dev


Social Media Manager


Community Manager


Advisor / Dev